One Day Decorating

One Day Decorating is simply transforming your room beginning with what you have, adding color and some new décor and/or furniture, if needed, and most importantly, placement. Most people have great things but don’t know how to use them.  The goal is maximum transformation in minimum time on your budget. 

Are you looking to give a room a “Face Lift” and a quick way to recreate your living area? In today’s busy and challenging world – we have come to expect instant gratification services like Amazon, groceries delivered to our door in an hour and a 30 minute pizza delivery.  Why not apply the same mindset in the way we create beautiful and functional spaces in our homes? 

With everyone spending most of their times at home now, and some learning to love it, SolutionForSpaces can help you rejuvenate your space with what you already have to transform your space… in a short turnaround time.  The process blends your stuff with color, creativity, a bit of shopping along with our talent and expertise. We are excited to offer this unique service. Private message me if you would like to know more and to schedule a One Day Decorating Service appointment soon! Paula 971-269-4109 Texts are welcome!

One day decorating services by Solution for Spaces, Kalispell, Montana