Fall is the time to start planning for your outdoor kitchen

Now is the best time to start planning, designing for your outdoor kitchen. Why, because it can take time to do it right. You want it to be done the right way the first time. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. I can help you with these.


-Choosing the location and size you want. Close to the house or away from it.

-Do you want water hook-up – access to or not

-Do you want propane or gas hook-up – access to or not

-Do you need slab flooring poured

-Do you want your outdoor kitchen covered?

-Do you have a list of all the appliances you will want to work within your outdoor kitchen

-Do you have a builder/contractor to help you

-An architect may or may not be needed on your project

-An engineer may or may not be needed on your project

-City Permits

-Do you want within the area of your outdoor kitchen to have a hot tub, fire pit, dining area, yard games, TV?


Outdoor Kitchen Design by Solution for Spaces Western Montana

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